Appeal 1802749

Fair Hearing Decision 1802749

Disqualifying transfer of assets; appellant paid daughter $8,000 in consideration of a “personal service contract”; while not all personal caregiver contracts are per se disqualifying transfers for less than fair market value, here, appellant has not received ascertainable fair market value for his purchase since he was admitted to a nursing home and was already receiving hands on care in the facility; therefore the personal care services under the contract were unnecessary or duplicative.

Appeal 1010857

Fair Hearing Decision 1010857

Appellant had been in the nursing home nearly 4 months when $36,312.50 was withdrawn from her Seamen’s account to “pay” her friend and attorney-in-fact “for services rendered pursuant to the DPOA”. MassHealth considered the money a gift and thus, a disqualifying transfer; no written agreement to pay for any services rendered; JK was acting as appellant’s trusted friend and there was no agreement that she would be paid to provide any personal care services within or outside of the four corners of the DPOA; the activities provided by JK for appellant do not have an ascertainable fair-market value.

Appeal 0917330

Fair Hearing Decision 0917330

The evidence does not support that the Contract is valid and binding or for fair market value; additionally, there is ample evidence that the transfer was not done exclusively for a purpose other than to qualify for MassHealth; no evidence to support the claim that appellant received care 24/7 from 2003 through to her admission in 2009 that could account for the total amount transferred in the period of that time the transfers occurred.

Appeal 0809900

Fair Hearing Decision 0809900

The caregiver agreement entered into by appellant’s daughter in her capacity as appellant’s power-of-attorney, and appellant’s son as caregiver, is a disqualifying transfer of assets; less than fair market value; no acceptable tangible evidence that appellant received an assisted living level of care in her son’s home.