Appeal 1503799

Fair Hearing Decision 1503799

No disqualifying transfer; remainder interest in property was transferred to appellant’s sons in 2004; appellant retained life estate; deed mistakenly not recorded and only recorded in 2015; testimony from family, lawyers, and legal staff; copy of unrecorded 2004 deed; no evidence to suggest illegal backdating of document.

Appeal 1204083

Fair Hearing Decision 1204083

Transfer took place before look-back period; delivery of deed took place in 2005 even though only recorded in 2009; deed executed in 2005 and appellant told granddaughters that it was in safe deposit box; since 2005 granddaughters have maintained property and acted as owners.

Appeal 1106530

Fair Hearing Decision 1106530

Transfer took place before look-back period; deed was delivered to son earlier even though only recorded later; attorney testified to appellant’s earlier delivery of the deed to her son and informing him that it was a completed gift; transferred remainder interest and retained life estate.