Appeal 1812255

Fair Hearing Decision 1812255

Transfer of resources for less than fair market value; appellant retained access to assets in irrevocable trust; trustee then distributed trust assets to children; appellant and spouse changed beneficiaries of spouse’s IRAs to children; spouse passed away 17 days later; not relevant whether trustee was exercising fiduciary duty.

Appeal 1801834

Fair Hearing Decision 1801834

Transfer of $12,000 to daughter was disqualifying transfer; daughter did not qualify as “disabled child” because she had not been found permanently and totally disabled by any government agencies authorized to make such determination; daughter also does not meet regulatory definition of permanent and total disability.

Appeal 1215370

Fair Hearing Decision 1215370

Husband’s purchase of an annuity resulted in a transfer of resources for less than fair market value; the Commonwealth is not a remainder beneficiary of this annuity; the regulations plainly allow MassHealth to consider as disqualifying any actions taken by either the applicant or his or her spouse, and, as part of this, to require that annuities purchased by a community spouse comport with the provisions of 130 CMR 520.007(J)(2); the annuity here does not meet those regulatory requirements.

Appeal 1200340

Fair Hearing Decision 1200340

MassHealth determined that the appellant transferred assets when she paid her son and daughter-in-law for services under a personal care contract; compensation for a variety of personal services; the services she received were not worth the $48,550 that she paid but did have some value; remanded for MassHealth to redetermine the period of ineligibility.