Appeal 1800094

Fair Hearing Decision 1800094

Transfer of home to trust within look-back period not disqualifying because the trust then sold the home for fair market value, and then proceeds were used to pay for new house in which Appellant had ownership interest; transfer of $42,000 is disqualifying because insufficient evidence to verify that it was repayment for work on the appellant’s former home.

Appeal 0807837

Fair Hearing Decision 0807837

APPROVED IN PART as to the transferred resources for which appellant received fair-market value, and DENIED IN PART as to the remaining transfers; $1,000.00 transfer to appellant’s granddaughter was a disqualifying transfer; Appellant has not received something tangible with intrinsic value for this exchange; majority of receipts submitted are for normal personal expenses such as groceries, restaurants, moving-related expenses, prescription medication, doctors’ co-payments, parking for medical appointments, and clothing; reimbursement for all of these expenses is reasonable, and that appellant received fair-market value for the reimbursed funds.