Appeal 1806447

Fair Hearing Decision 1806447

Spouse argued her net income, not gross income, should be considered; MassHealth may only consider gross income in determining whether she is entitled to SMND; as gross income is higher than MMMNA, she is not entitled to an SMND; increase in MMMNA not warranted because did not meet extraordinary circumstances test; utilities, groceries, car payments, cable, and phone not extraordinary circumstances.

Appeal 1804884

Fair Hearing Decision 1804884

Exceptional circumstances; medically necessary for husband to reside in assisted living facility; community spouse unable to live at home due to physical limitations and need for a specialized diet; financial duress as he is residing in assisted living facility that leaves him at significant monetary shortfall each month.

Appeal 1805351

Fair Hearing Decision 1805351

Community spouse did not meet exceptional circumstances criteria for increased Spousal Maintenance Needs Allowance; spouse testified she needed an increase to cover day-to-day bills and to assist her adult disabled child; regulations only allow increase where needs arise from medical condition, frailty, or similar special needs of the community spouse.

Appeal 1701267

Fair Hearing Decision 1701267

  • MassHealth determined that appellant is not eligible to receive MassHealth benefits due to excess countable assets. Ordered to rescind notice, re-open application, and determine the appellant’s eligibility based on the determination that the excess asset amount is now $0.

Appeal 1702776

Fair Hearing Decision 1702776

  • MassHealth denied the appellant’s application. Ordered to re-determine eligibility based on the determination that the excess asset amount is now $0 after a shift of excess assets to the community spouse to help pay for a necessary stay in assisted living.