Appeal 1803454

Fair Hearing Decision 1803454

No evidence that appellant made transfer with intent other than to assist a specific child in need; medical event that caused appellant’s short-term placement in skilled nursing facility was not reasonably foreseeable; intent behind transfers was not to gain MassHealth eligibility.

Appeal 1800448

Fair Hearing Decision 1800448

MassHealth application denied because verifications not submitted; missing verifications were assets of community spouse; community spouse’s refusal to cooperate with application process cannot be basis for denial of MassHealth application; appellant is mentally incompetent to assign rights of support to MassHealth.

Appeal 1701267

Fair Hearing Decision 1701267

  • MassHealth determined that appellant is not eligible to receive MassHealth benefits due to excess countable assets. Ordered to rescind notice, re-open application, and determine the appellant’s eligibility based on the determination that the excess asset amount is now $0.