Appeal 1801834

Fair Hearing Decision 1801834

Transfer of $12,000 to daughter was disqualifying transfer; daughter did not qualify as “disabled child” because she had not been found permanently and totally disabled by any government agencies authorized to make such determination; daughter also does not meet regulatory definition of permanent and total disability.

Appeal 1800679

Fair Hearing Decision 1800679

Notice of discharge meets regulatory requirements; nursing facility involved appellant and his guardian in discharge planning; fact that appellant has not found place he wants to live is out of control of nursing facility; physician indicated appellant medically cleared for discharge; place to which appellant will be discharged is safe and appropriate.

Appeal 1800590

Fair Hearing Decision 1800590

Appellant transferred assets during look-back period; disqualifying transfer; transfers not made for fair market value; evidence needs contemporaneous third party independent corroboration to be persuasive; appellant’s age and health did not support argument that transfers were made for purposes other than qualifying for MassHealth.